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L. Paige Dunckel

Paige has her B.A. and M.F.A. in Theatre with a concentration in directing and an emphasis in children’s theatre.

A displaced southerner, she has lived in Michigan for over 25 years having come here directly after graduate school to work as the Education Director at BoarsHead Michigan Public Theatre. She currently teaches theatre and directs at Lansing Community College. She has directed and performed at several local theatres, most recently at Ixion Theatre Ensemble. She also serves as a co‐coordinator for the Renegade Theatre Festival heading up the New Original Works portion of the festival.

Sample Lesson Plans

Farmer in the Dell Jeopardy – Grade 1, Social Studies/Citizenship

Students will create a short theatrical skit demonstrating themes of good citizenship: Honesty, Compassion, Courage, Respect and Responsibility. They will learn how pretending in play is like theatre performance, how to create a character by choosing farm animals to portray, how to give a character a voice by creating a line of dialogue for the skit, how plays, like stories, have a beginning, middle and end, and how to collaborate and work together to create a final product.

Giving History a Voice – Grade 5, Social Studies/American Revolution

Students will use famous artwork from the American Revolution as a basis for creating a short scene. 

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