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Liz Wylegala

Liz Wylegala is a visual artist who has been teaching children in both public and private settings for 25 years. She is an arts integration specialist who believes that meaningful and solid arts education can easily be taught in conjunction with the core curriculum. “The connections that students’ make through the arts are profound and reinforce 21st Century thinking skills!” Liz’s talent and connection with students encourages them to blossom and shine as young artists. 

Artist Statement

I am a visual arts instructor able to work with any grade level. Most of my experience is with grades K-5 

I am also a specialist in ARTS INTEGRATION. The Kennedy Center defines this as "an APPROACH to TEACHING in which students construct and demonstrate UNDERSTANDING through an ART FORM. Students engage in a creative process which CONNECTS an art form and another subject area and meets EVOLVING OBJECTIVES in both. I have done approximately 30 Arts Integration projects K-5 over the years. I do find that Arts Integration addresses all types of learners. Every learning style is addressed and the final art inspires the children. 

I specialize in the use of construction foam as an inexpensive, lightweight and manageable material. I also love to use "junk" - a reuse of objects that are formerly destined for the landfill! My goal is to meet with each grade level teachers and discover what curricular connection they would like to reinforce. The teachers are very involved with the process and what might work best for their students! I have lots of ideas! I can also do an arts-for-art-sake project! 

A very successful project I have worked with several schools is my Picasso self portrait/Michigan art sculpture. Please check out just one of my EXAMPLE LESSONS through the link below. 

Sample Lesson Plan

People of Michigan, Picasso Style

Social Studies (or other); Grades K - 5th

Using construction foam and found objects, students create a meaningful self portrait inspired by a famous artist, core curriculum or both. This example lesson plan features a 3rd grade Michigan History lesson and incorporates a self portrait inspired by Picasso. Students reflect on the state symbols in Michigan, its natural resources and a favorite "Michigan memory”. 

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